The dew

of the sun

Ros Solis Family



Τhe Greek word rosólia describes homemade refreshments with the touch of the morning dew of the sun. Rosólia is a word that traveled throughout times and it carried together its rich cultural heritage of Hospitality. ROS SOLIS /rəʊz ˈsɒlɪs/ (Latin) = Dew of the sun. The word Rosolio is referred to all gastronomy indexes and dictionaries in Italy and derives from the Latin word rossolis = rugiada del sole in Italian, which means the dew of the sun. The word Ros originally is inherited by the Greek word δρόσος (Drosos) that is explained as the morning dew. Ros-solis, ‘dew of the sun;’ Sundew, > Greek. droseros, ‘dewy;’ see Drosos. The country of origin for rosólio is considered to be Messina of Sicily, which is the mother town of “Magna Grecia” (Grand Greece). That’s how the word rosólio travels through centuries by revealing images and memories to us.
Rosólia were made initially with Damascus rose petals. Later on, the same name was used by distillations by other botanicals, flowers, or fruits. Since the 19th century, Greeks of Smyrna in Minor Asia brew-up concentrated syrups by using fruits or flowers, something close to the Turkish şerbet. Since the Greeks of Minor Asia had rich commercial and traveling activities, they were mostly influenced by Western Europe and especially from France and Italy, they named these syrups as rosólia. Rosólia were produced with or without alcohol. The references for rosólia were numerous by the Greek community of Minor Asia, like in gastronomical books, commercial indexes, literal texts, and religious references. Greeks of Smyrna offered these syrups diluted with water or carbonated water for children and by alcoholic drinks for the grownups like brandy or other distilled drinks. They served them as a form of hospitality for their regular afternoon home visits that were a ritual for their everyday life. So we have the first home-made mixer in history.
This old habit of hospitality that is full of glory had to be reinstated to the present. With extra care and attention, concentrated distillations by fruits, vegetables or aromatics without additives were produced. Millions of playful and strong bubbles of carbon dioxide CO2 were added. That’s how ROS SOLIS – The dew of the Sun were created! A cool refreshment drink, if they served plain with ice, and a signature choice for accompanying all alcoholic drinks.



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Premium Mixers ROS SOLIS and their 6 exciting flavours: The bitter-sweet Pink Grapefruit, the spicy Ginger Beer, the all time classic Tonic Water, the fresh Mediterranean Cucumber n’ Basil Tonic, the citrusy Bergamot n’ Mandarin Soda and the premium quality bubbling Soda.